Dates & Venue 2015

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London (Surrey), UK

Dates: October 29-31, 2015

Masterclass Venue:
Wotton House Hotel, Dorking, Surrey, United Kingdom

The main focus of this intensive 3-day Masterclass will be commercial and corporate film shooting.For general information about the Masterclasses click here.

These are very full days, so we recommend attendees arrive the day before (October 28) and leave the day after (November 1).

* Student discount of £50 available. Please contact before you book, with a scan of your proof of student status.

£ 950

Course price only!

We recommend you to also stay at the Wotton House Hotel for the full experience – for pricing and availability of rooms, please get in touch with us directly. As mentioned above, we recommend you to stay at the hotel for 4 nights from October 28 until November 1.

Let us know if you have any problems getting a room, don’t worry – we have blocked a number of rooms for our participants.

We recommend booking 4 nights at the hotel, with arrival one day before the course starts, and departure on the day after the last workshop day – the Masterclass lasts 3 full days!

We were asked by people to connect attendees in case they want to share rooms. Get in touch with us and let us know if this is an option for you and we will connect you with other attendees who consider that option!



Set at the end of October at the Wotton House Hotel in Surrey, the first ever UK FILMMAKING MASTERCLASS will bring together ambitious filmmakers who want to up their game in commercial filmmaking.

Ever wished Philip Bloom, Nino Leitner & their pals guided you through your filmmaking? Well, that’s exactly what this is.

Attendees will be split into groups, with each group shooting & editing their own commercial or corporate film on a subject inspired by a prop or location we handpick for them.

Bloom India 2

But that’s not where this course will stop short – lighting techniques, timelapse sessions, post production workflows and even “dealing with clients” will be covered in special sections.

At the end of the three full days, the participants will go home with a finished piece, lots of new knowledge and certainly a lot of great new contacts!

All participants should ideally stay at the Wotton House Hotel, which is also the event location. Arrival on October 19 (on the day before the workshop starts) is recommended.


General course contents:

  • Know your camera – DSLRs & large sensor cameras
  • Sound, sound, sound
  • Gear hands-on
  • Approaching a shoot & planning
  • Camera movement, framing & shot sizes
  • LOTS of practical shooting
  • Timelapsing – shooting & post
  • Advanced interviewing techniques
  • Post Production – Editing & color grading

Specific contents – corporate & commercial shooting:

  • Dealing with clients – seminar
  • Making a rough budget
  • Scheduling
  • How to approach a corporate shoot – staying creative
  • Planning and preparation, rough storyboarding
  • Assignment: Shooting a commercial or corporate film in a group
  • Post production, finishing & assessing the final product with other groups
  • London (Surrey), UK

    London (Surrey), UK

The Hosts

Our hosts are seasoned cinematographers and filmmakers with decades of experience in the film industry. All of them are part of a new breed of filmmakers who embrace more affordable and accessible technology that is available to all of us.


The line-up we are putting together is unique – you might know Philip Bloom and Nino Leitner from their online work, constantly testing new cameras and gear on their sites and

This is the first official Filmmaking Masterclass in three years – the busy schedules of the hosts make planning really hard. Not any kind of workshop, but a series of days of total immersion in the craft, covering absolutely everything including theory, lots of practice and of course post production.

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Philip Bloom, United Kingdom

Philip Bloom really needs no introduction. He has been educating & inspiring the filmmaking community for years.

He began his career in 1989 at Sky News where he worked for 17 years covering some of the biggest stories around the world. During this time he learned many of the key skills that are invaluable in his work since. His understanding of what is “the story” and his ability to work fast and under pressure.

During his 9 years of being freelance he has worked across multiple genres. From music videos to corporates to big screen narrative fiction (Red Tails) and multiple award winning feature documentaries (How to start a revolution)

He is currently shooting season 2 of CNN’s critically acclaimed new documentary series “The Wonder List” whilst maintaining a prolific social media presence where he offers help and advice to countless people.

His passion for filmmaking is contagious.

Join us for three full days of intensive training with Philip that will cover absolutely everything you need to know to master these cameras.

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Nino Leitner, Austria

Nino Leitner is an award winning filmmaker, Director of Photography and film producer based in Vienna.

Nino’s work mainly focuses mainly on documentaries, TV commercials, corporate films for international brands and narrative short film productions with his film production company Nino Film GmbH.

He is also a well-known blogger as a partner at, one of the world-leading websites for camera and accessory reviews as well as his own personal blog, where he shares insights into how he works on his shoots and projects.

  • Philip Bloom, United Kingdom

    Philip Bloom, United Kingdom

  • Nino Leitner, Austria

    Nino Leitner, Austria

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Additional Tutors

The right tutor-to-student-ratio is important for us, which is why will add additional tutors who are experts in their respective fields, or add another angle to the whole topic.


Johnnie Behiri

Johnnie Behiri is a BBC freelance cameraman/editor operating from Vienna, Austria.
When not working for the BBC, Johnnie films documentaries, commercials, music videos and testimonial/marketing videos. Together with his partners Nino Leitner and Sebastian Wöber he runs, one of the leading news and review platforms in our industry.



julian-wakefieldJulian Wakefield

Julian has long worked with PR and marketing companies, directing photo and video shoots, but also designing and implementing social media campaigns.

As managing director of Teralon Media, he now applies his knowledge of social media to the strategy behind producing and publicising videos, whilst using his creative and photographic skills to create engaging branded content.



adam-loretzAdam Loretz

Adam is a digital filmmaker with over 15 years experience producing films for artists, charities, local and national businesses.

He has a highly developed set of production, leadership and team skills and a ‘make it happen’ attitude.

As well as a solid track record of delivering engaging and immersive films Adam is also an active member of the filmmaking community; blogging, producing free content and creating educational workshops.


The Filmmaking Masterclass is a unique kind of workshop. Three full days. Intensive hands-on shooting. Exclusive locations. This is 90% about practice, not just theory. You MAKE a film! 

Philip Bloom, Nino Leitner & all the other tutors will teach you the intricate details of practical shooting in a truly unique setting.

It’s about getting the best out of your equipment, but especially developing your skills. It’s about techniques, which cannot be learned from a book or the Internet.

The Filmmaking Masterclasses are a success story – and in the past, they took place in Majorca, Las Vegas and Key West, Florida. For the first time ever, we come to the United Kingdom in this beautiful location, the Wotton House Hotel in Surrey, not far from London.

There will be sessions on various subjects of commercial and corporate filmmaking and practical exercises – to prepare the teams for the challenge to produce and finish their own films within the three days.

We encourage aspiring DPs, directors, and people who shoot films for a living (or strive to do so) to come and join us. We will NOT be covering basics, this will be an intermediary and advanced workshop.

As a refresher for the basics, attendees will receive detailed digital textbooks / PDFs a few weeks before the course starts, containing all the concentrated basics for large-sensor cameras and HDSLR filmmaking. This leaves more time focusing on advanced shooting techniques and practical shooting during the Filmmaking Masterclass.

A look back

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Behind the scenes videos

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Final films – Masterclass 2011

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Final films – Masterclass 2010

  • Behind the scenes videos

    Behind the scenes videos

  • Final films – Masterclass 2011

    Final films – Masterclass 2011

  • Final films – Masterclass 2010

    Final films – Masterclass 2010


We’re proud to have CVP as our main sponsor! Those are the go-to guys for all your equipment needs.

RØDE provide microphone solutions for filmmakers and audio professionals, and have been at the forefront of the DSLR revolution.

CVP Rode_logo

At CVP Group we’re passionate about all things Cine, Video and Photo. We’ve been on the front line of the business more than 25 years, and we use our unrivalled experience to really understand our customers’ needs, striving always to deliver a first class service – and the right solution, whether that’s a compact camera or a complete studio system, some training, a broadcast lens service – or even just some good advice.


RØDE Microphones is a uniquely Australian owned and operated audio company. Our home is in beautiful Sydney, just 20km west of Sydney’s down town area and right near the home of the Sydney 2000 Olympics. As well as our main hub in Sydney, we also have offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and Hong Kong, making RØDE a truly global company.


Ronald Vonk

The 2011 masterclass was such an amazing experience! A fantastic way to learn: 3 days morning till late at night being able to focus on trying new stuff and collaborating with great people; Hanging out with like-minded individuals in a great setting; Talking about kit and experiences; Making new friends over dinner and drinks; And best: I’m still in touch with a lot of people I’ve met there, have already collaborated with some of them (Phil, Nino, Didier, Gerwin & Ian) and have gotten in touch with even more great people willing to collaborate through them! So many opportunities if you’re willing to make the most of the experience. Priceless! – Ronald Vonk (

Ted Kieniewicz

It was great time in Marjorca on HDSLR Masterclass. I learned a lot, smile a lot and have fun. Thanks for opportunity to shoot 7D with Zeiss CP. lenses. Ted

Marc Buholzer

Hi Sebastian and Nino, I really had a good time with you guys. It was great to try out the Compact Primes from Carl Zeiss. The thing I wanted to find out here in Mallorca was the workflow about HDSLR filmmaking. You guys just did a great job! Hope to see you somewhere else. Marc

Angus Pigott

Hi guys, I came here knowing pretty much nothing about DSLR filmmaking and have learned so much! Great Masterclass and great people. That’s so much and I hope we can all stay in touch and meet again. Cheers, Angus

Bruno Jubin

Sebastian, Nino: I have really liked to know people passionate of HDSLR cameras like I am! I have really enjoyed and really learned so much. Thank you very much! Bruno Jubin

Alex Pitstra

Guys, I had a really great time during the masterclass. Some very useful new information and also a lot of hands-on fun! Keep up the good work and kepp bringing those Zeiss primes! :-) We’ll keep in touch! Alex

Joel Conder

Hey guys, had great fun over last three days, oh yes and I learnt something aswell! I think the main thing that I will take away from this experience is…naked….totally naked! (insider) On a serious note: Great course, learnt lots and was great meeting everyone! See you soon. Joel

Alexander Boboschewski

Hallo Sebastian, Hallo Nino, danke dass Ihr eure Erfahrungen mit uns geteilt habt. Euer Workshop hat entscheidend dazu beigetragen mir ein besseres Bild über HDSLR zu machen. Danke für die Informationen, aber auch entspannende Zeit auf den Balearen-Inseln. Ein Loblied über die Zeiss Primes lass’ ich aber aus, es gibt so auch noch andere gute Optiken :-) Hoffentlich bis bald irgendwo auf Facebook, Twitter oder im Real Life, Bobo –

The Support Team

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Caroline Sumners

Caroline has vast experience in marketing and event management, and most recently was European Marketing Manager for G-Technology, where she set up the G-Team of which Nino and Philip were both early members. Caroline now runs her own event company, Fifty One Degrees Ltd, and is leading the production and Management of Filmmaking Masterclass.

  • Caroline Sumners

    Caroline Sumners

Contact & Conditions

For questions of any kind, please contact

All course contents are subject to change. We are constantly evolving our courses and might add assisting tutors and content at any time.


Cancellation policy:

After booking a spot, please note that cancellation is only possible in extreme personal circumstances.

Film Makers Masterclass LTD reserves the right to cancel the LONDON FILMMAKING MASTERCLASS due to insufficient enrollment at their discretion.

In these cases, please contact us via email as soon as possible.

The LONDON FILMMAKING MASTERCLASS™ is being produced by Film Makers Masterclass Ltd.

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